How To Support

Thanks for your interest in Hundred Hole Hike. There are two ways to support the event: pledge to support a golfer (on a per-hole or lump sum basis) or donate directly to One Divot via the Donate button below.

Pledge to a golfer

Each golfer has established a charitable cause that they will be "hiking" for. The first step in pledging is to choose a golfer to support. Each hiker is listed on the Golfers page with their respective club, date of the event and cause, with a link to their unique golfer profile page and blog. Click "pledge to this golfer" to initiate the pledging process.

After registering, confirm the details of the golfer you're choosing to support, select either a lump-sum or per-hole pledge, then enter a pledge amount. No payment is due up front. Your pledge is simply a commitment to support the chosen golfer's participation in the HHH. Your pledge will be stored until the event (and can be modified or deleted by you); after which an e-mail will be sent asking to fulfill your pledge based on the golfer's performance with specific instructions unique to each cause.