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In 2012 I turned 40 and for my midlife rather than buy a new car or a boat, I decided to run a marathon. I had to train from a sedentary lifestyle to become a seven days per week athlete to achieve that goal. Golf is my passion so to incorporate an endurance event with golf is just a natural progression. Friends have always commented that I would play golf twenty four/ seven if I could and here is my chance to prove them right. I manage a small nine hole golf course in Dingley Village (Spring Park) and stare longingly at the fairways as my customers have the pleasure of using the facilities while I work behind the counter. I make an annual donation to the Riversdale Golf Club where my membership is purely arbitrary given that I would be lucky to play 6 rounds in a year let alone 6 rounds in a day. When the opportunity does arise to play golf I do so unreservedly. I have been known to squeeze in a quick 18 holes in the morning and still be back in time to have breakfast with my kids and get them to off to school by 830am. When time has been limited I have been known to start a game of golf before sun up using glow in the dark golf balls just to ensure that I make my monthly commitment to the Sunday Leave Pass Social Golf Social Club that I belong to rather than miss a scheduled round. The Hundred Hole Hike is the ultimate physical and mental challenge and to be able to test myself to the limits while doing something I that I am not necessarily very good at but love doing is too good to be true. Plus with the benefit of raising funds for a great cause the HHH is the perfect opportunity for me to get involved.

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Karingal is a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of services for people with a disability or mental illness, older Australians and those who are disadvantaged.

Golfer Blog

13th Beach Hundred Hole Hike done and dusted.

A couple of days on and people have been asking would you do it again? 121 holes in a single day. You bet I would.

It's all over bar the groaning

By this this yesterday I was going down the 17th hole for the second time.

The Final Count Down

Today was probably my last training session before the Hundred Hole Hike this Friday.

This Kookaburra was a close as I could get to a birdie today

Yesterday I hit my first ball before first light.

My first venture to 13th beach Awaits

Tomorrow will be my first and only venture down to 13th Beach before the big 100 Hole Challenge next Friday week.

As the day Draws near.

Its been three weeks since I decided to take on this crazy adventure.