Stephenie Harris

I am super passionate about golf!

I started playing in grade school and was hooked immediately. As everyone who knows me will attest, there is no place I would rather be than out playing golf. The 100 Hole Hike is a great way for me to do something I love while doing something meaningful for others.

Please support my 3rd 100 Hole Hike with the Outpost Club for The Community-Word Project.


Golfer Blog

Hiking in support of Tanya Grubich

My name is Stephenie Harris and my wife, Tanya Grubich is the love of my life. We met in December 2010 and married in the summer of 2014.

In the Books!

It's been almost two weeks and have fully recovered and am back at my desk to let you know how much fun and exhausting this special day was.

It's time to Hike again!

I am thrilled - some may say delirious - to be involved with the 100 Hole Hike for a second year!!

Less than two weeks

The day is getting closer and closer! I have been turning up my workouts and adding strength training too. But it is also hitting me how much golf there is awaiting me!