Sean Walsh

I'm proud to be part of the Hundred Hole Hike and am happy to support the work of Karingal, especially that involving acquired brain injury. One reality of being a police officer is attending serious, sometimes fatal, motor vehicle accidents and serious assaults that have life changing consequences for all involved. These people need the assistance of charitable organisations like Karingal. My own personal motivation for doing the Hike is to offer support to those researching and treating Motor Neurone disease(Also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease and ALS). Earlier this year my Uncle, John Courtney, was diagnosed with this debilitating illness. There is no cure for the disease and little understanding of the cause. 50% of the funds I raise will go to Motor Neurone Disiease Australia. Thanks to Brett and Jim for getting HHHDownunder off the ground. Thanks also to Thirteenth Beach and Karingal for all the support they have offered.

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Karingal is a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of services for people with a disability or mental illness, older Australians and those who are disadvantaged.

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30+ Degree day forecast - Check
Grave doubts about level of fitness - Check
Golf Swing that fluctuates between hacker and unconventional - Check

Full Steam Ahead

Prior to Christmas I had put in a month of fairly solid, if low intensity, fitness work and was starting to feel the benefits.