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Injuries seem to lead me to golf. A knee injury started my career in golf, and now my back pushed me into the HHH. Quite a response to being told I would never play golf again.
30 years ago, I dove into golf while at college because of a knee injury that forced me to find a new sport. It was the first sport my doctors allowed my jock obsessed brain & body to attempt after lengthy rehab. I became so consumed with it, I made it a career for several years, and continued playing loads after moving back to StL.
Four years ago, things changed. Years of back abuse caught up with me. Four discs were herniated. Two had ruptured violently. There was some spinal cord damage that resulted in right leg paralysis. Spinal Stenosis was discovered. I was a mess. My surgeons said they'd get me on my feet and have me moving around, but I needed to come to grips with the fact that my sport days were done.
While laying in bed recovering, a good friend of mine was undertaking his own HHH in Chicago. "I'm joining you next year for this," I told him. Well, I've missed my time window, but after four years of tough p.t. and unending support from my gorgeous wife & three tremendous kids, I'm ready!
I've got some good friends joining me to complete this challenge, and I'm so grateful to them for climbing on board. You guys rock!
I'd also like to give a HUGE shout out & thank you to my two trainers/therapists, the amazing Liz Whalen and Marisa Sheppard, and all the staff at Wellbridge Athletic Club that helped get me back on my feet and ready to do this.
CHARITY: My wife and I met an amazing family last Thanksgiving. They had come from England for a surgical procedure to help their daughter walk. Eliana has Cerebral Palsy, and it took huge effort to raise the funds necessary for this life changing surgery that wasn't available in England, or covered by any form of insurance the family has. They had to come to St. Louis for the procedure. The surgery was a success! But incredibly, the family found out that youngest boy Charlie, who also has Cerebral Palsy, is going to need the same surgery. Heartbreaking news, but there is hope through the SDR surgery. Please read about the family and their story here:
Please read the blog post about Twitter & YouTube presence for additional links.
There is a much larger movement going on behind the scenes to raise funds for qualified surgeons to come to St. Louis and learn the groundbreaking procedure from Dr. TS Park, a pioneer of the SDR surgical technique. More about Dr. Park and SDR:
All money raised will go toward Charlie's procedure, as well as raise awareness for our larger educational project. THANKS FOR LOOKING! PLEASE HELP CHARLIE CATCH HIS SISTER!

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What an incredible day.
What an incredible feat!

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If you're reading this, hopefully you've had a chance to familiarize yourself with the story of Charlie and his family at www.charliewantstocatchher.

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How boring it is to use the cliché, "it seems like only yesterday." But we all fall prey to it at some point.