Sandy Hodes

Sandy Hodes is a father to two beautiful girls and a husband to an amazing woman who lives in Parkland FL, transplanted like many others to the area frm New York. He is planning to walk and play 100 holes for the Children's Fund for Glycogen Storage Disease Research. Glycogen Storage Disease ("GSD1a") is a very rare and serious genetic disorder that affects his two daughters and only about 500 other children in the US. Help to support the search for a cure. Find out more at

In children afflicted with GSD1a, a specific enzyme that breaks down certain carbohydrates, including glycogen (a stored form of sugar,) is either missing or not functioning properly. Because of the missing /impaired enzyme, the body cannot create glucose from glycogen and it is difficult to maintain normal blood sugar levels between meals without constant feedings. Glucose is the essential energy source for every cell in the body. Dangerous by-products such as lactate, uric acids and triglycerides in combination with low blood sugar leads to numerous complications in GSD1 including impaired breathing, seizures, coma and death if a very strict dietary regimen is not followed.

Children with this disease appear normal at birth, however, the child will begin to exhibit symptoms such as low blood sugar, an enlarged liver, failure to thrive, developmental delay, elevated lactate and uric acid levels in the blood and urine, and seizures. Because of GSD1's rarity, these symptoms are often not fully recognized and can lead to misdiagnosis. This will eventually lead to a crisis situation within the first three to four months of life. It is not known how many children die without ever having been properly diagnosed. Diagnosis is confirmed through a liver biopsy or DNA testing. After GSD1 is identified, the only way to minimize symptoms is to closely monitor blood sugar levels and to adjust diet accordingly.

Currently there is no cure for GSD1. But research has revealed a cure for dogs naturally affected with this disease using gene therapy and we believe a cure is within reach for children and adults. The biggest hurdle for the foundation is raising the funds to support the human clinical trials. With your support for my 100 HOLE HIKE, we can get closer to the goal and the cure. Please consider helping!



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We did it!!

Thank you very much for supporting the Children's Fund for GSD Research and my quest to walk and play 100 holes in one day in an effort to raise funds.

Tomorrow is the Day!

Ready to hit the links tomorrow for the Hike. Thank you everyone for supporting our charity.

One More Week

Another weekend passes with people wondering
what I was thinking. I am one of them! Certainly the
the training is in full swing with me continuing neither

Two week out

I am neither in shape nor prepared. Anyone know whether they still sell Bengay?
Luckily, I have some very generous friends that have responded well the sponsor

Help the Childrens' Fund for GSD

If you can support me, pledge here or at
where you can find my post for this crazy idea.

Getting Ready

Getting ready for a great day walking and playing with Ed Tancer while we both raise money for our respective charities.