Rodney Baer

Hi my name is Rodney Baer, and I will be participating in the Hundred Hole Hike this January, 2014. Recently I heard of this event which originally took place at 13th Beach in 2013, and its support to raise awareness for ABI in the Geelong Region. I work in the Disability sector for Karingal, and also have a close link with disability in my family. It has always been one of my personal goals to support others where I can within my capacities to allow everyone to feel a welcome part of their community and enjoy their interests to the the maximum of their abilities. Hopefully through the 100 Hole Hike, we can raise extra funds to help build more awareness of ABI and the supports needed for those with the condition. I have been a part of the golfing community since I was a teenager, and have enjoyed the challenge the game offers as well as the opportunities it has given me to meet others and develop other interests in my life. The aim of this day is to play 100 plus holes in one day. It would be great if you could support myself and the team in this, through pledging money on the Hundred Hole Hike website. Click on the "Pledge" button and follow the instructions. Hole by hole pledges would be great, but if you want to be creative to offer me different incentives that would be wonderful as well. You could offer something like $ 2 a birdie, $ 5 an eagle or an extra $2 per hole completed after the 100 holes. You could even get together with others in a group and pool your funds together to allow more people to be involved. If you are able and want to support on the day, that would be great also. There are many volunteer positions to be filled. I would love it if you want to caddy for a few holes, come out and walk the fairways with me and the others. It would be terrific to hear words of encouragement, you could even help me look for a few stray golf balls ( hopefully not too many ). remember this is all in aid of raising money and awareness for ABI. Hopefully together we can do this and more through this day. There will bands to the end of the day and I am sure that the whole event will be fun to be part of.

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