Rob Rigg

Rob Rigg is the founder of The Walking Golfers Society, which promotes the many benefits of walking when you golf. He is also the co-author of "The Healthy Golfer" which will be released in June, 2013. In 2006/2007, Rob's wife, Kelly, was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, and his mother, Mary, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. They both fought this awful disease and won. Currently, Rob's aunt, Ben, is in the midst of her battle with breast cancer which is she fighting admirably with the support of family and friends. Rob is hiking to prevent cancer, by raising funds for which is an organization that funds cancer prevention research, along with public education and community outreach on ways to live in order to minimize the threat of cancer.

I'm supporting

Prevent Cancer Foundation

The mission of the Prevent Cancer Foundation is saving lives through cancer prevention and early detection. The Prevent Cancer Foundation advocates and supports the prevention and early detection of cancer through Research, Education, Advocacy and Community Outreach.

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My 171 Hole Hike to Prevent Cancer

On June 24th the usual suspects and a few fresh faces got together at Ballyneal Golf Club, aka - The Home of the HHH, to try and walk more holes and raise more money for charity than in 2012.

Please support my hike to Prevent Cancer

I am hiking for the Prevent Cancer Foundation in 2013 because cancer has impacted my family severely and I want to try and help prevent other families from having to suffer from this awful disease

144 Holes Later - Some facts on my 100+ Hole Hike at Ballyneal

June 25th was an epic day for the 9 of us walking 100+ holes at Ballyneal Golf Club in Holyoke, CO.

Enjoying a long walk for great causes

In November, 2011 I had the privilege of presenting Jim Colton with The Walking Golfer of the Year Award on behalf of The Walking Golfers Society.