Rick Rose

Once again this year, my friend, Richard Simkus and I are supporting the Giving Hope Network by playing over 100 golf holes in a day - May 15, 2017. My personal goal is to raise a minimum of $15,000. As we did last year, we plan to carry our bag and clubs - no caddies for us. We were able to effectively navigate 108 holes last year and are hopeful to match or exceed that number this year! Giving Hope Network (http://givinghopenetwork.org/) is a charity structured to develop shared solutions for large, complex societal challenges by inspiring and mobilizing a passionate and capable community committed to making a big difference in people’s lives. The primary program I plan to support with this effort is the Near Me Now program. Hear Me Now is a major project of Giving Hope Network. designed to assist people who suffer from ASD (autism spectrum disorders), especially young children. Hear Me Now fosters collaboration among organizations (e.g., schools), as well as businesses and parents/individuals who share our goals. By working with schools, we seek synergistic developments of best practices so that their students with ASD can eventually find jobs that utilize their individual skills. At present, we are intensely focused on emerging evidence that iPad use greatly enhances communication skills and learning ability—hence quality of life—of people with ASD. Please pledge whatever you can to support me and this great cause. Your pledge can be variable based on my holes played or you can choose to pledge a set amount. Thanks in advance! Rick

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