Randy Green

Randy is an avid hack on the golf course. He has a tendancy to make difficult shots look easy, but more often makes easy shots look extremely difficult. In addition to practicing law in Champaign, Illinois, Randy is the commissioner of the local Little League program, is on the board of directors for the United Way and Family Service of Champaign County while trying to be the best husband and dad he can be.

I'm supporting

United Way of Champaign County

The United Way of Champaign County brings people and resources together to create positive change and lasting impact for our community.

Golfer Blog

I Survived 100 Holes!

First, I'd like to start by thanking Frank Fonte at Urbana Country Club for being so accommodating for our Hike on his day off.

Warm Up!

Well, I just got back from a guys golf trip with 18 of my closest friends.

C-U Hundred Hole Hike Kicks Off - We need YOUR help!

Thanks to Pam Hulten and Mary Noel at the United Way of Champaign County for helping put together materials for the hike.