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After hiking in 2013 on behalf of Misericordia, it appears I needed three full years to recover before doing it again. In 2016, I will be playing again for a decidedly local cause, the Friends of Stone Academy (FOSA). Both of my children attend Stone Academy, which is a Chicago Public School located in Chicago's West Ridge neighborhood (a solid 3 wood away from my home). Stone is wonderfully diverse and has been a fabulous place for my kids to begin their education. However, the school’s ambitions are restricted at times by the well-documented budgetary issues of Chicago Public Schools. FOSA is committed to raising needed supplementary funds for school enrichment activities in the arts and sciences. Many of the children who attend Stone don’t have these types of opportunities available to them anywhere else, and they are a vital part of what makes Stone such a vibrant place for children. Virtually every dollar raised by FOSA goes directly to the school to provide these benefits. Finishing 100 holes in a day on foot was a tremendous physical and mental challenge in 2013, and it will be again. However, the more support I get, the easier it will be!

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Friends of Stone Academy

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Hundred Hole Hike II - The Blister Strikes Back

As you may have heard by now, I successfully completed my second Hundred Hole Hike at Evanston Golf Club on June 13th, on behalf of the Friends of Stone Academy.

HHH 2016

The fall of 2016 will mark a line in the sand of the hourglass of my life – the moment where I will have spent more time in Chicago than in Canada.

My first (102) Hole Hike is in the books

As you may have heard by now, I successfully completed my first Hundred Hole Hike at Flossmoor Country Club on June 17th.

Success is my only mother-loving option. Failure’s not.

I’m not sure how much in common my hike has with the themes of 8 Mile and its Oscar-winning song “Lose Yourself”, but part of that fantastic song (The G-rated version, of course) resonated with me

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood

100 holes. 1 day. No mulligans.

Among those who have seen me play golf, the feedback is unanimous: Optimistic. Ridiculous. Impossible. Dude, lose some weight.