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My name is Mitch Ehly and I am a golf and hunting fanatic. I spent the previous six years working in the golf industry, two of which were at Ballyneal in Colorado. Although I have now pursued a new avenue, working as Membership Director for Milford Hills Hunt Club in my home state of Wisconsin, I still have a unique passion for the game of golf. Nowhere in the world is that passion more evident than at Ballyneal.

My two years at Ballyneal were a truly unforgettable experience. I got the chance to meet so many great people and built relationships that will certainly last a lifetime. After I heard about Ben Cox's injury last year, I most certainly wanted to get involved and help out my friend Jim Colton in his quest to walk 100 holes for Ben's cause. Although my job at the time, preparing for the U.S. Amateur at Erin Hills Golf Course in Wisconsin, meant that I could not attend the event, I was there in spirit. Now that I have the availability and flexibility in schedule to participate, I am excited to join in.

Throughout my life, I have developed a serious interest in our Military services. The level of respect that I have for those whom have fought and died for our country's freedoms is unmatched. I feel that Disabled American Veterans is a cause that is not given enough attention to. I understand that in recent years, there has been a divided reaction to our troops being overseas, but I truly believe that regardless how you feel about that issue, we should still support our men and women that serve our country. There are many important causes out there to work towards helping, and I believe that this one is central to my beliefs.

Thanks for all your support!

Mitch Ehly

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Disabled American Veterans

The DAV’s 1.2 million members provide grassroots advocacy and services in communities nationwide. From educating lawmakers and the public about important issues to supporting services and legislation to help disabled veterans — the DAV is there to promote its message of hope to all who have served and sacrificed.

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