Mike Bartels

On June 26th I have committed myself to walking 108 holes to help raise money for Charlie Wants to Catch Her. Charlie Wants To Catch Her is a St. Louis charity that is committed in helping a family raise money to ensure their boy, who has cerebral palsy, can have a surgery that will allow him to walk. They family is out of the UK, the mother is a school teacher for children with special needs. They have to travel from the UK to St. Louis for this procedure at Children's Hospital. Charlie's sister recently had the same surgery and the family was able to raise money to help with the large cost associated with it. When the mother gets home she will not only have the long time rehab for her daughter, but also start up fund raising for Charlie. This is why I am committed myself to the HHH. Anything we can raise to help this family will go along way. Thank you in advance.