Jim Larschan

Last year I participated in the 100 hole hike. I want to thank all who gave so generously to this worthwhile charity. Above is a picture of Logan. Your money helped him and his family to ease the burden of the debilitating illness he has suffered since birth. The charity is Bella's Angels. Their mission is to assist and empower families who have children with lifelong physical disability by providing financial support when other resources are not available or accessible. 100% of your contributions will provide assistance to these families. Any support you give would change of lives of the children and their families supported by Bella's Angels. Below is Logan's Story. Logan was diagnosed with "Truncus Arteriosus" at 2 days old. He was transferred from Northwest Medical Center in Margate, FL to Miami Children's Hospital in Miami, FL. the same day of his diagnosis. After extensive testing, it was found that his rare heart defect was associated with a rare syndrome known as "C.H.A.R.G.E." This syndrome is made up of 6 defects. Logan is affected by 5 of the 6. He has had a total of 17 surgeries/procedures, 3 of which are open heart and 5 of which are heart catheterizations. Logan requires oxygen 24/7. He only eats by a feeding tube and has recently developed a seizure disorder. At age 4, he has just mastered sitting up on his own and crawling. He is getting better with pulling himself up, and our hopes would be that he may be able to walk someday with a backpack oxygen concentrator and walker. On March 5, 2014 Logan underwent his 6th heart catheterization to explore and measure his pressures building up. We are hoping this intervention will allow them to help his heart and a 4th open heart will not be necessary.

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Bella's Angels

Bella’s Angels assists families of children who suffer from C.H.A.R.G.E syndrome, also known as “Bella’s Buddies,” with medical expenses not covered by insurance, as well as providing emotional support, parent to parent assistance, and information on community resources.