Jake Straub

Last year my brother and I walked to support The Four Diamonds Fund, and the response/support that we received was amazing. This year we are back at it! This time we are supporting Aidan's Heart Foundation. http://www.aidansheart.org/ This is a foundation set up by two very brave parents who lost their healthy 7 year old son to sudden cardiac arrest. When faced with any parents greatest fear, the loss of a child, Steve and Christy Silva courageously chose to use their experience to do everything in their power to prevent this tragedy from happening to other families. Aidan’s Heart Foundation has worked tirelessly to have Automatic External Defibrillators placed in schools and parks throughout our area. Please help us to Protect Youth from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Create Heart-Safe Communities for Kids. ALTERNATE SHOT PARTNER: Bill Straub

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Aidan's Heart