Gary Albrecht

Originally from Minnesota, I have lived and played in Colorado since 1995. I have played golf for over 45 years, fairly well for a small part of that time. I love everything about the game: the physical challenge, scenery, camaraderie, and mental demands. I am an attorney who started his career teaching and coaching at the high school level. My true passion is working with kids. In this regard I have been fortunate to be on the board of the Colorado Golf Association, and I help train and mentor caddies as part of the Solich Caddie and Leadership Academy. It is rewarding beyond words. I am walking in honor of my best friend and wing man who was diagnosed with colon cancer just over two years ago. His two boys attend Camp Comfort, a camp run by the Double H Ranch, my beneficiary, for children of cancer patients. Importantly, he will be coming out to play in the Ballyneal member/guest with me during the week of the HHH. I'm really looking forward to being a part of this great event where I can combine my passion for golf with helping others in my own small way. I also very much look forward to meeting and spending time with the other walkers.

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HHH 2016 Ballyneal Stats

I send my heartfelt thanks to all who pledged to me for the benefit the Double H Ranch. Based on the most recent totals, we might exceed $10,000, enough to send almost 7 kids to camp there.

Photos from HHH at Ballyneal on June 20, 2016

My daughter took photos of at least part of our day at Ballyneal on Monday, June 20. (Her camera got too heavy to carry throughout.) I hope you enjoy them--I did!

Mission Accomplished!

My daughter and I accomplished our mission on Monday, June 20, at Ballyneal. (I played and she kept me moving.) After teeing off at 4:45 a.m.

One Day Out. . . .

My teammate--my daughter Erin--has arrived in Colorado and we are hydrating. Looking forward, somewhat nervously, to Monday.

Father + Daughter + Ballyneal = Awesome!

I'm delighted to report that my daughter Erin will be joining me at Ballyneal for the Hundred Hole Hike on Monday, June 20. Our plan is to walk and play at least 126 holes.

Round 2 in 2016

Eight days before this year's Hundred Hole Hike at Ballyneal on June 20th I decided to do it again.

Mission Accomplished!

I sent the email below to my very generous pledgors. To the new friends and fellow hikers I made and met at Ballyneal, you're wonderful people who are truly dedicated to helping others.

It's almost game time!

To all who so generously pledged to my hike to benefit the Double H Ranch:

One week out

"Practiced" for the upcoming HHH at Ballyneal this past weekend with a couple of great friends. Walked and carried 30 holes (due to weather) on Saturday and 36 on Sunday.

I have nothing to worry about!

As I speed toward my first HHH on June 23, I started to worry just a bit about how it will go. Can I do it? What might go wrong? Then I thought of why I'm doing this.