Ethan Orlinsky

Years ago, I played 81 holes of golf on one day on my home course. I was a 4 handicap at the time, completed half the holes using a golf cart and, notably, I was 16 years old. For each of the past few years, I have played just a little over 81 holes a year and my challenge to shoot par has evolved into a desire to simply have fun, not get hurt and let the score fall where it may (though double bogeys still sting). On June 27, I plan to try to complete my first 100 Hole Hike. A daunting task for me to say the least, as these days I get tired after just 15 holes and, like many folks in my demographic age group, I have more aches and pains every day than I did in my first 16 years put together. But as my dad's yahrtzeit (Jewish anniversary of his passing) is June 27 day and he was a big philanthropist, I could think of no better way to honor his memory than to support a great charity and do it playing a game he loved so dearly. I share this with you not as a solicitation, but just as an update as to what I hope to try to do. And, if you are moved to donate to my selected charity (Special Olympics) or to any charitable cause, all the better.

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Thanks to all who are supporting the hundred hole hike! Your enthusiasm and positive energy are inspirational!