Doug Wright

I'm Doug Wright from Denver, Colorado. I'm a long-time golfer, and in each of the past two years I've "played my age" at Ballyneal GC. This year I hope to play at least 60 holes in the Hundred Hole Hike to again support an important local Denver charity, SungateKids, which does tremendous but difficult work--helping children who are the victims of child abuse. There are many great charities and causes represented here at the Hundred Hole Hike. Sungate is but one of them. Thank you for your support!

Hiked in: 2011-2014

Career Holes Hiked: 240


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HomeCare & Hospice

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A Walk in the Park Part III

As the senior statesman of the Hundred Hole Hike, I'm very happy to have the opportunity to participate again this year!

A Walk in the Park Part II

Hello all. I'm glad to have another opportunity to support the efforts of Jim Colton and One Divot.