David Board

Hi, my name is David Board, and on Thursday 23rd of Jan 2014 I will be participating in the second 100 Hole Hike at 13th Beach Golf Links. The motivation behind our hike is to raise money and awareness for the Karingal Foundation in its support of people with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). The Karingal Foundation is the fundraising arm of a local Geelong charity, Karingal. We would like to raise as much money as possible, and to raise awareness of Acquired Brain Injury. Therefore I would like to ask you for your commitment to help support me on my quest to complete 6 full rounds of golf (108 holes) and in turn, help those who have been affected by ABI. To help is simple, by pledging money on this website by clicking the "Pledge Now" button. Please be creative with your pledges & give me something to strive for in regards to bonuses & incentives. One example given to us from other pledges is: 50c per hole, $5 birdie, $10 eagles, $100 hole in one and $2 per hole for all holes completed after the magic number of '100'. You may pledge whatever you would like as every pledge is a step in the right direction. Come along on the day if you can, and even walk a few holes with me. Together we can make a difference. Many thanks in advance, and I look forward to seeing you at some stage of the 100+ holes.

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Karingal is a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of services for people with a disability or mental illness, older Australians and those who are disadvantaged.