Colin Sheehan

I am the coach of the Yale Men's Golf Team and one of the three co-founders of the Outpost Club, a national golf society. I became friends with Will, my alternate shot partner in this event, playing the Yale course during our undergraduate days. We both enjoyed it so much that we followed golf careers after Yale that involved magazine editorial work, golf course design and development projects and currently as stewards of the Outpost Club.

I'm supporting

The Outpost Foundation

Golfer Blog

Hiking for Scholarships

I'm working to get through as many golf holes as possible today in support of the Outpost Scholarship program that provides grants for college costs to young men and women connected to golf.

My Upcoming Hike

This year, on Monday, June 15, I feel inspired to walk 120 holes in support another great organization. IRIS is a small organization with a big impact.

One week away

I'm now just one week away from the 108 day at Stonewall. It's also a major championship week which is always a fun week for golf enthusiasts.