Christopher Voorhees

Currently residing in San Francisco California, I make a daily commitment to enjoy, serve and grow the game of golf. My father introduced me to the game over 20 years ago while living in the Philadelphia area and today I thoroughly enjoy caddying, playing with friends, studying course architecture and following the professional game. I am currently engaged to be married in July 2015 and eventually my amateur golf 'museum' will have to be converted into a nursery. Until then, the drive to play the great courses of the world and maximize my enjoyment of the game prevails. Overall, I truly believe that golf is the greatest game ever invented and I cant think of a better way to honor a friend in need than participating in the 100 Hole Hike.

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2 Months Out, Pre Hike Musings

Afternoon thoughts...

Event Details

What? - Walking and playing 100 holes of golf in 1 day

Why? - Help Matt Helm to walk again one day

Who? - Chris Voorhees, San Francisco

Here WE go!

I remember it vividly, like it was yesterday. A dinner in Ft.