Brian Kelly

I have been playing golf for as long as I can remember and I have learned over time that golf is very much a symbol of life itself, you get out of it what you put into it. On July 8th I will be hiking for United Way of Champaign County's Emerging Community Leaders. ECL works with members of the community to teach the importance of giving back to their community. I hope to hike 108 holes to raise money so that the ECL program can be financially self sufficient. As an alum of the ECL program, I can personally attest to the dedication of the volunteers and the willingness to help.

I'm supporting

United Way of Champaign County

The United Way of Champaign County brings people and resources together to create positive change and lasting impact for our community.

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An unusual day

So the day of the Hundred Hole Hike for the Champaign County United Way's Emerging Community Leaders program has come and gone and I finally believe that I can put this day into words...and it was

27 and counting

With only 27 days left till the big event I have been trying to get everything ready. I've been working on endurance at the gym, not going as fast as it did when I was younger.

Getting Started!!

Okay, so I guess I am doing this...he said with a huge smile!