Brian Carruthers

I'm a member of the PGA and was lucky enough to work at Ballyneal Golf Club where I met a lot of great people. While employed at Ballyneal I was fortunate in that I was able to be apart of the original HHH event in the Ben Cox 155. After being apart of that great event myself and my good friend(and fellow hiker) Mitch Ehly decided we were going to play together in the HHH event every year. Last year we completed 108 holes, and this year we want to up that total to 126 holes, so we can raise a lot more money this year! I will be hiking for the Cancer Research Institute this year as we need to find a cure for a disease that effects so many people! Hike on!

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Round 2 Fight! Recap

This is my 3rd year being involved in the Hundred Hole Hike and it gets better and better every year!


Hello all fellow hikers from last year and any new hikers for this year! This was an extremely successful event last year, and I am very excited for what we can do with the event this year!

The First Of Many To Come - After 108

First off all, I want to thank the entire Ballyneal staff for doing a tremendous job on taking good care of all of the hikers.