Brad Quinn

Hi my name is Brad or Quinny and on the 24th of Jan 2013 myself and 3 others will be participating in the first 100 Hole Hike in Australia. The reason that I am attempting this is to raise money for the Karingal Foundation (ABI) but in particular a great mate of mine Steve Blackford or as I like to call him Showie. Steve was involved in an assault earlier this year which left him with brain damage and fighting for his life and even though he is on the road to recovery he still has a ways to go and for every dollar we can contribute to his recovery will make his and his family life just that little easier. We would like to raise as much money as possible, and to raise awareness of Acquired Brain Injury, affecting one in 45 Australians, 2/3's of which are men and 1 in particular who is a great mate... Please provide me/us with the motivation to complete this mammoth challenge by pledging your support and committing to donate to our wonderful Geelong based Charity, Karingal. Karingal will be helping us to facilitate and distribute the funds raised and also to their tremendous commitment to us Hikers, to help in any way they can from a cold drink to carrying our golf bag. Their support and professional approach has made our preparation that much easier as we are able to concentrate on training and getting the km's into our legs. Please be creative with your pledges & give me something to strive for in regards to bonusses & incentives. One example given to us from other pledges is: 50c per hole, $5 birdie, $10 eagles, $100 hole in one and $2 per hole for all holes completed after the magic number of '100'. You may pledge what ever you would like as every pledge is s step in the right direction and is much appreciated. Come along on the day if you can, walk a few holes with us, help us look for a ball, offer to caddy, encourage and support. Together we can make a difference. Many thanks in advance, we look forward to seeing you at some stage of our 100+ holes.

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Karingal is a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of services for people with a disability or mental illness, older Australians and those who are disadvantaged.