Bill Straub

Bill Straub lives in Downingtown, PA. Like most of his fellow hikers, he is a golf fanatic who will probably get the most enjoyment from hitting his first tee shot while it is still dark! Bill is a proud father of three - a daughter and two sons. He first experienced the HHH in 2013 and the support that he received from friends and family for the Four Diamonds Fund was truly humbling. In 2014, he and his brother, Jake, will raise money for another amazing charity, Aidan's Heart Foundation. This is a foundation started by two very brave parents who lost their healthy 7-year old son to sudden cardiac arrest. When faced with any parents' greatest fear, the loss of a child, Steve and Christy Silva courageously chose to use their experience to do everything in their power to prevent this tragedy from happening to other families. Aidan’s Heart Foundation has worked tirelessly to raise awareness for Sudden Cardiac Arrest, conduct heart screenings, and to install Automatic External Defibrillators at schools and parks throughout our area. Please help us to protect youth from Sudden Cardiac Arrest and to create heart-safe communities for kids. ALTERNATE SHOT PARTNER: Jake Straub

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2014 HHH Recap

We did it!

Timing is Everything!

As we come "down the final stretch" to the HHH event, I find myself acting like a child at Christmas!

Perspective and Motivation

Memorial Day Weekend provided a great opportunity to ramp up the preparation for my HHH. I managed to squeeze in some running, walking, range time, and even a round of golf!

Hiking again in 2014!

When you say "yes" to an event like this, you have no idea if it is a once and done experience or if it will become part of you.

117 Holes and a day that I will never forget!

Words cannot describe the joy that I experienced on Monday during the HHH event at Stonewall!

Check out our Golf Auctions for The Four Diamonds Fund!

In addition to accepting donations for our Hundred Hole Hike event, Jake and I also have some golf "swag" that we are auctioning off with all proceeds going to The Four Diamonds Fund!

30 Days and Counting!

Almost 90 miles of walking and 1000+ balls on the range since my HHH declaration and I have 30 days to go!

I am a Sandbagger...

I hate to admit it, but I am a Sandbagger. I am not a Sandbagger on the golf course – the majority of my past partners would say that they have yet to see me play to my handicap… ever!

Why I Hike...

First, I hike because I was inspired beyond words with what Jim Colton accomplished 2 years ago in the Ben Cox 155.