Bill Boonn

I'm an avid golfer and a proud father of 3 kids. Although they've certainly slowed down the number of rounds I play per year, I'm looking forward to introducing them to the game and hopefully they'll join me on future Hundred Hole Hikes.

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Hundred Hole Hike featured on Fox Business

Jim Colton, Danie Steyn, and I were interviewed on Fox Business - Mornings with Maria

2016 Hike: 153 Holes!

We blew past our goal of 126 holes and hiked 153 holes on Monday!

2016 Hundred Hole Hike!

My 2016 Hundred Hole Hike will support the Make a Wish Foundation. Please make a pledge!

2015 Hundred Hole Hike

Please make a pledge to support this great cause!

A heartfelt thank you! [2014 HHH Recap]

To my pledgers: Thank for your generous donations which will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation - an amazing charity dedicated to granting

Final tally [2014 HHH Recap]

113 Holes
593 strokes
78k steps
37 miles walked