Ben Cox

On October 12 I will attempt to play 18 holes, or as many as possible at Ballyneal Golf Club to raise money to offset medical costs. I would ask you to please consider supporting me by donating to the Benjamin Cox Supplemental Needs Trust with either a lump sum or on a per/hole basis. Donations can be sent to: Benjamin Cox PO Box 504 Haxtun, CO 80731

Golfer Blog

Family Friends n' Golf

It has been almost a month since I completed my hundred hole hike at Ballyneal.

We Need Each Other

One week from today I will make my yearly visit to Ballyneal to play my yearly round of golf.

A family Excursion

As I look back a

Family golf

As I think about playing golf tomorrow I have a lot of emotions going through my head.

My Cross to Bear

In 2011, I was in a ski accident that left me a C-6, C-7 incomplete quadriplegic.

Ken's Story

My name is Kenneth, Ben's dad, and am pleased to congratulate you all in your fine efforts. My experience with Ben on the 26th was quite amazing.

Shot Par 71, kind of

So, my day started out at four in the morning with the help of my dad getting me ready which is a 1.5 hour process. By 7:30 or so we teed off with me out-driving my dad and we were off.

Cox's Return to Golf

Many of you do not know me, but I'm Ben Cox and will attempt to play the front 9 at Ballyneal on June 26 using my new solo rider golf cart. I will be playing with my father whom i hope to beat.