Barry Watts

I’ve worked at The Salvation Army, as their Development Director, for 7 months. What I’ve seen has been nothing short of extraordinary. I had no idea to what extent The Salvation Army was serving the less fortunate. They are not a strange cult that wears funny uniforms, calls themselves by military terms, and their primary ministry was selling used stuff. (This was my stereotype before I became involved.) The Salvation Army is the most comprehensive ministerial organization I’ve ever seen or heard of.

What do we do here in Lawrence? Food Pantry, warm meals served, free bread, grocery vouchers, spiritual counseling, emergency financial assistance, youth basketball program, free camp for kids, youth programs similar to Boy and Girl scouts, intensive case management, church services, men and women’s ministries, Christmas toy program, adopt-a-family for Christmas, holiday meals, furniture and clothing vouchers, emergency weather shelter, nursing home visits, and emergency disaster services.

The Salvation Army humbly serves, not seeking attention or recognition, but wholeheartedly giving out of love.

It is a privilege to work and serve for such an organization and an honor to "hike" on their behalf.

Golfer Blog

"The Hiker"

Great and humble are the men and women who one day make the significant commitment to become a hundred hole hiker.

Brilliant Idea of Insanity

To prepare for our Hundred Hole Hike on Monday, July 1st, Brandon Urban and I are going to play over 150 holes in a few days leading up to it, including a tournament at Dismal River...

Mentally focused; Physically lacking

To be perfectly honest, I am not in the physical shape I was in last year leading up to the Hundred Hole Hike event.

Hiking for guys like Jerry

The work of The Salvation Army is beyond what most people could imagine. One success story is that of Jerry Claypool.

"Marching for The Army"

I'm excited to be "marching" or actually "hiking" for The Salvation Army of Douglas County, Kansas. I will not be wearing military boots, but a comfortable pair of TRUE linkswear golf shoes. Instead of a military backpack with supplies, I will carry my personal arsenal of 14 golf clubs. No rations consumed, but a steady stream of Gatorade and power bars.

Ready 4 Tomorrow

As I head to bed this evening, on the eve of one of the greatest athletic challenges of my life, I filled with all sorts of emotions: excitement, worry, anticipation, fear...

863 ft and 95 degrees - bring it on!

Mapping Lawrence Country Club we found out that there are 863 feet of elevation change: 436' down and 427' up... in Kansas? Bring it on!

Great News!

On Friday, Kelly received her scan results to determine how successful the chemotherapy treatments were. Doctors were not optimistic, given new spots that had been found during chemo.

Prayers for Kelly

The young lady I am playing in honor of goes in for testing this week to find out how the chemotherapy did. She has a meeting with her doctors to find out the results on Friday at 10:30am.

Training is Fun?

Although it's hard work getting ready and the primary focus is on the charity I am hiking for (John Neal Cancer Foundation), I am actually having a lot of fun training.