AJ Ploszay

On June 15th, my friend Ross David and I will be playing in a golf marathon at Twin Brooks Country Club. This is MY version of a marathon as we will play/walk 100 holes of golf in one day. That's 5 and a half rounds or something like 30 miles in one day. With 3 kids and a time demanding job this is the only way I can get the golf in!! :) Hopefully the laughs will get us through a very long day! Most importantly, I am very excited about the opportunity to raise money for The Wounded Warrior Project. This organization helps our brave men and women service members who have been injured in combat. Proud to say that many members of the Ploszay family have served the US of A! (#merica). Some of you may know my father, Jim, served honorably in the 184th Army Security Agency Company, organized and assigned to the 319th ASA Battalion. You may not know the ASA was under the operational control of the Director of the NSA. Insert your joke here___________. My frind Ross is also proud to say that his mother wore combat boots! Lieutenant Colonel Mary David served over 20 years as a Nurse in the Army Reserves.Contributions large and small are so greatly appreciated, and tax deductible! You can pledge a set amount, a per hole contribution, or per birdie contribution (hopefully we'll make a bunch). If you'd like to contribute, please donate/pledge below! Thank you and God Bless the US of A!!

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