Hundred Hole Hike Press Release

Hundred Hole Hike Launches Global Charitable Network of Passionate Walking Golfers

Initiative Provides Centralized Website for Fundraising by Players and Host Clubs

(Chicago, Illinois) – One Divot – a charity founded by 2011 Walking Golfer of the Year Jim Colton – announces the launch of Hundred Hole Hike (HHH), a giving platform hosted at that supports fundraising efforts of “golf marathoners” who will play and walk at least 100 holes in one day to benefit philanthropic causes.

A society of dedicated men and women seeking to use their passion for the game as a vehicle to better the lives of others, HHH allows for each hiker to choose their own causes to support. Among the roster of industry leaders to register are Rob Rigg of TRUE linkswear and John Ashworth of LINKSOUL. Also participating are renowned venues such as Ballyneal Golf & Hunt Club, The Kingsley Club and Hidden Creek Golf Club.

“This all began last year as something very personal to me – raising funds for the care of Ben Cox, a caddie and friend seriously injured in a skiing accident,” says Colton. “With the support of walking golfers worldwide, Hundred Hole Hike is now positioned to positively impact countless lives.”

A Ballyneal member, Colton’s original goal was to walk 108 holes and raise $5,000 to benefit Cox. On June 23, 2011, he walked 155 holes and raised more than $110,000. Soon after, he set about forming One Divot and creating a method for like-minded golfers to raise awareness and money for the charities about which they care most deeply.

More than just a robust and centralized venue for pledge collection, is designed to be a daily web destination for avid walking golfers. It will include personalized blogs where HHH participants share updates on training, engage in friendly competition with other hikers and post items pertinent to those who embrace the game’s traditions and philanthropic heritage.

“I’m super excited about making my own Hundred Hole Hike,” says Ashworth. “It’s a cool and innovative way to support the broader community through golf, and also to challenge your own body and mind while having some fun, too.”

For additional information visit or follow @100HoleHike on Twitter.

About Hundred Hole Hike

Hundred Hole Hike (HHH) is a global network of golf marathons where participants plan to walk and play 100 or more holes in one day to raise money for various worthwhile charitable causes. It includes events at many courses ranked among the Top 100 by leading golf publications.

Managed by One Divot – a charity that aims to help change the world for the better one divot at a time – HHH is inspired by the success of the Ben Cox 155. Launched in 2011 at Ballyneal Golf & Hunt Club in Holyoke, CO, that event saw club member Jim Colton walk 155 holes in one day and raise more than $110,000 for Cox, a Ballyneal caddie paralyzed in a skiing accident.

The goal of the Hundred Hole Hike is to take the same passion and energy that fueled the Ben Cox 155 to a grander scale. Instead of one golfer at one club for one cause, the HHH includes golfers at clubs worldwide, all walking to raise money for a variety of worthwhile causes.


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