Eastpointe Country Club

Eastpointe Country Club was developed in the 1970’s in conjunction with Eastpointe Tower on Singer Island. The property for both developments was purchased in 1972 by Mr. Claire Anderson and the condominium tower and golf course both opened in 1975. After building the tower on Singer Island, Anderson turned his attention to his Eastpointe Country Club in beautiful Palm Beach Gardens; a former orange grove that today is about ¾ mile west of the Donald Ross Road exit on I-95. The golf course at Eastpointe Country Club was designed by George Fazio and his nephew Tom. Many people say that the early Tom Fazio courses don’t look like Florida courses but are more North Carolina in their feel and that is true of Eastpointe Country Club. Part of the feel is over 2,000 trees planted over the years by past Club president Don Kuss, an arborist.

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Bella's Angels

Bella’s Angels assists families of children who suffer from C.H.A.R.G.E syndrome, also known as “Bella’s Buddies,” with medical expenses not covered by insurance, as well as providing emotional support, parent to parent assistance, and information on community resources.

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