Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center

The Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center is built upon a model of success used by Children’s Advocacy Centers nationwide, and customized through collaborative team input in our region. Our mission speaks to protecting children by providing prevention, advocacy, and awareness – along with a multi-disciplinary intervention, assessment and treatment of child sexual and physical abuse that is child sensitive, supportive and safe. The TBCAC must reach children who have experienced abuse, share tools and resources for public awareness, and provide education to all audiences.

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A round for Ralph...

This year's Hike at Kingsley will be special for many reasons – the good we are doing for a great cause, my second Hike at a course I love, and my first Hike with a set of new clubs...


No, not my handicap – although I wish it was – rather it is my theme for this year's HHH.

40, 121, $25,000, $230,000, 2, and 350

40 - Age as of May 11, 2012
121 – Holes played on June 25th with four amazing guys at a place I love
$25,000 – Dollars raised for the Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center

126 Holes in 16 hours – A Recap

On Monday, June 25th, four fellow members of the Kingsley Club and I each achieved our goal of playing and walking at least 100 holes of golf in one day.

"Swing From the Inside"

I have two things I need to get off my chest because I'm feeling rather guilty tonight.

Camera Time

The HHH is starting to get some positive press in the local news. Great to see the hikers making a difference and getting recognized for their commitment.

T-minus 45 hours...

Just 45 hours out now from my Hike at the Kingsley Club.

My last week of preparation went something like like...

Training Weekend 6/1 - 6/4 -- anybody up for a game???

In a vain effort to shake off both the rust on my game and the few extra pounds that my current business travel (and business meal) schedule has added, I will be up at Kingsley this weekend for some much needed golf.

The HHHole-in-One Club

Hiker Jeff Tang made a hole-in-one today during HHH training at Orchard Valley Golf Course in Aurora, IL.

Enter to win Hundred Hole Hike Twitter Contest

Here's your chance to win some really cool prizes from our golf partners just by getting some HHH-related RT's on Twitter. Here are the ground rules:


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Chris Hufnagel