Polio is an awful, tortuous disease that can be eliminated from Earth in the next several years by vigilant action in a few key countries. Through PolioPlus and Rotary International, huge progress has been made since 1987, and now it is time to finish the job. For $0.60, a child is vaccinated, and for every $1 donated, a 2-for-1 matching grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation magnifies the effect.

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Not just the West financing the fight against the polio virus...

Today came the announcement of a Nigerian businessman who for the second year in a row has donated US$1 million to combat the spread of polio.


To revisit some of the history of polio and the fight to stop the virus, watch this cool and informative video:

Polio, and the Threat of Polio

Recently I was reading about the fight against polio in Nigeria and the progress being made. Year-to-date, only three (3!) news cases have been reported, versus twenty two last year at this time.

Here Goes 100!

Here goes…I’m beginning a serious adventure on several fronts: walking 100 holes (or more?) of golf in one day (absurd!); fundraising $10,000 (or more?) for PolioPlus (how do I do that

Golfers Supporting This Cause

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