Mad About Harry

Harry Banks is 6 years old and goes to Eversholt Lower School. In September 2014, he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma. Harry has already had many weeks of chemotherapy. However, there have been unexpected setbacks which has meant Harry will now need many more weeks of chemotherapy than initially planned before his main treatment can continue. This will eventually involve an operation, in order to remove the primary tumour, followed by further high dose chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy. Even after this, and possibly even before this treatment completes, it may be necessary for Harry to have further medical care overseas (in the USA or Europe), where more specific medical trials are available, and will be of benefit to Harry. We are therefore asking that donations be made directly to Harry's family, who can use these funds in the event that further treatment is required overseas. Should this money not be required for Harry’s treatment or associated costs, all proceeds will be donated to a charity of Harry’s choice, most likely to be the NCCA UK (Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance) and to the hospitals that treated Harry (Milton Keynes Hospital, John Radcliffe and the Royal Marsden) to help other families affected by childhood neuroblastoma. Every day, throughout this gruelling treatment, Harry has continued to have a smile and be his happy, playful, fun loving self. His story has touched the hearts of everyone in our community. We feel passionate about helping to raise the funds that could make a real difference to Harry's future.

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