Karingal is a not-for-profit organisation providing a range of services for people with a disability or mental illness, older Australians and those who are disadvantaged. Karingal commenced in 1952 with a group of Geelong parents who formed a play group for their children, each with a disability. These parents wished to provide the chance for their children to have lives that would be fulfilling and would realise their abilities. Today Karingal comprises of a nine member Board, over 1300 staff and over 150 volunteers. Karingal is an Aboriginal word meaning 'happy home' or 'happy hut'.

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22 hikers at 13th Beach!!!!

Our second 13th Beach/Karingal HHH is 2 days away. The group of 22 are fully prepared, weather looks good and the Beach and Creek courses at the magnificent 13th Beach, in beautiful condition.

2014 HHH - the Aussies getting the year kicked off in a big way

We are all very proud to be kicking off the HHH 2014 year and hopefully we can smash our totals from last year and really make a difference to the lives of those here affected and challenged by Acq

Here We Go Again!!

After completing the HHH last year I have decided to give it a go once again. This year I will be playing with my best bud Didgey (Shaun Ridgeway) who I have know for about 30 years.


Just picked up 24 hats for the hikers and supports thanks to the guys at Toynes clubhouse golf and Infiniti golf. These are both locally owned and operated businesses so get around em!

Getting started

It was great to meet 5 of the other Hikers on Wednesday.

The countdown is on!

We have less than 12 weeks now to go to our next HHH on 23 January 2014 (Thursday), so training and shedding kilo's is the goal right now, and only just had my first hit in Sat comp for maybe 5 mon

HHH Australia confirms next Hike date - 23 January 2014

We are very pleased to confirm our next Hundred Hole Hike Downunder will be on Thursday 23 January 2014 again at the magnificent Beach course at Thirteenth Beach Golf Club.

HHH Downunder on SEN's "Chasing Birdies" tonight 8pm

Tune in to 1116am SEN or listen online: sen.com.au

THANK YOU - all of YOU !!!!

100 Hundred Hole Hike Prize Draw

Dear friends and family that donated and pledged to us for our 100 Hole Hike.

HHH completed

Time for a quick Blog to complete the 2013 Australian HHH journey.


Golfers Supporting This Cause

Brett Morrissy

Brad Quinn

David Thomas

Sean Walsh

Craig Fagan

David Board

Wes King

Murray Gregg

Kathy Bell

Darren Knabel

Jason O'Meara

Adam Shawcross

Phil Shay

Paul Minne

Rodney Baer

Shaun Ridgeway

Jen Le Cerf

Lee Govan

Deyen Lawson

David Kirk

Nathan Hunt

Greg King

Frank Fowler

Maurice Ashworth

Steve Jones

Mark Ogden

Simon Jackson

Greg Smith

Matt Olsson

Josh Fisher

Stuart Cooper

Jonathan Feldman

Michael Callinan

Sean Stryker

Matthew Silk

Alex Baird

Robert Taylor

Michael Tyndall

Aaron Cox

Rowan Costin

Michael Wasley

Chris Loverso

Adam Varmalis

Trevor Syme

Mick Hurtsfield

Kevin Newton

James Eipper

Luke Eipper

Tim McLelland

Darren Gill

Brian Humphries

Scott Steer

Adam Royce

Mike Fleming

Jaimie Sims

Nigel Venamore

Mark van Hamond

Matthew Pitt

Peter Thomas

Justin Rogan

Tony Sedunary

Vicky Thomas

Alan Woodroffe

Ben Wells

Laurie Begni

Raj Marfatia

Cameron Geason

Chris Tetley

Chris Adams

Adam Conquest

Denise Hibbert

Dean Lobbe

Patrick Lockie

Sean O'Neill

Chace Rankin

Mark Waldron