Glenwood Academy

Glenwood Academy nurtures and educates at-risk children by inspiring excellence, building character, and strengthening community. Established in 1887, Glenwood Academy (formerly Glenwood School for Boys and Girls) is celebrating 125 years of changing the lives of at-risk children. Glenwood is the Chicago area’s only boarding academy for disadvantaged children. Yet, it’s so much more than a academy. It’s a safe, nurturing environment where kids live, learn, and succeed.

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Elated and a little beat up

My hike on Monday, at Flossmoor Country Club, was one of the most enjoyable, tiring, uplifting and satisfying experiences of my life.

Education and Training Facts

I want to let you why I chose Glenwood Academy as my charity for my hike on June 17th.


Two weeks from today, at the ungodly hour of 4:45AM, I will start on an odyssey where I will attempt to walk 108+ holes for Glenwood Academy.

Fitbit Dependence

I have become addicted to a device know as a Fitbit. The Fitbit is pedometer that tracks the number of steps you take, stairs you climb and calories that you burn during the course of a day.

Still Waiting for Spring in Chicago

While most of us hope that spring will eventually arrive in the Midwest, my training for the Hundred Hole Hike is in full swing.

Why 100 holes?

Most of my friends consider me a little golf obsessed. I will play 36 holes in weather that makes many of my friends cringe. Driving 3 plus hours to play a hidden gem, no problem.

Golfers Supporting This Cause

Kevin Cahoon