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Friends of the Orphans is dedicated to improving the lives of orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children through the support of the Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH, Spanish for "Our Little Brothers and Sisters") network of orphanages in Latin America and the Caribbean. Friends supports NPH which strives to provide a permanent family and home for orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children who live in extreme conditions of poverty in Central America, South America and the Caribbean. They provide quality education, health care and spiritual formation with the goal of raising productive members of their respective societies. NPH has a successful track record in breaking the cycle of poverty.

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Finished my hundred holes yesterday in 12 hours! I will post more detail later but for now I'd like to thank everyone who accompanied me yesterday:

Walked 11 Miles

Hit balls for two hours and then walked home last night to get my speed up and identify areas that need extra care for my hike. I found a few!

A Nice Pledge

While every pledge for my hundred hole hike is treasured one I received yesterday touched my heart.

Good Luck to those hiking today!

Hikes are taking place at Medinah, Mountain Ridge, Rockaway River, Dimal River, Laurel View and Cabot Links. Good weather and good body protection!

Good Day

Crossed the $6,000 mark today, which will mean that five extra children get to eat for the next 12 months.

Making Progress

People have chimed in with so many goofy pledges that I really do not know how much I have raised so far.

Thanks for the early support

I really appreciate all the messages of support I have gotten thus far as I have begun soliciting donations for my hike on August 12 for Friends of the Orphans.

Up and running!

It looks as if the easy parts are done - I have arranged a date with my club, my donation websites are set up, my first fundraising email is drafted and I have several contact lists put together.

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Jason Topp