Dordt College Gailen Veurink Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships from this fund will honor the memory of Gailen Veurink. Scholarships will be awarded to Dordt College students who are enrolled in the business department and are varsity athletes.

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Wish #5

Where do I start with my review of last week Monday? Perhaps I will begin with the thank you's. Rather than pull a Joe Torre and forget someone very significant, I'm going to keep this simple.

Wish #4 -- A Challenge vs a Burden

Before writing about Wish #4, I’d like to cover a housekeeping item.

Wish #3 -- Goooooooallllll!!!!

No, I'm not going to dedicate this blog post to commentary related to the World Cup, although with the mania surrounding the futbol (even in the US), I would probably accumulate more "eyeballs" if

Wish #2 (you have got to be kidding)

In a few days, my son and I will wake before the crack of dawn.

Wish #1 (and Hope #1)

A few years ago, actually it is more than a few years ago by now, some friends of mine from the LA area got together with some long-time friends of mine from my college days for a long weekend of g

5 Wishes

The countdown to the Hundred Hole Hike at The Prairie Club has officially begun in the Huisken house. Two months of preparation remain.

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