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Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado is world renowned as a premier center for specialty rehabilitation and research for people with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. Craig Hospital is a 93-bed, private, not-for-profit, free-standing long term acute care and rehabilitation hospital that provides a comprehensive system of inpatient and outpatient medical care, rehabilitation, neurosurgical rehabilitative care, and long-term follow up services. Craig Hospital Foundation supports the hospital in achieving its goals through philanthropy. Operating in accordance with the philosophy of Craig Hospital, the Foundation builds lifelong relationships with contributors, raises funds and dedicates its resources to further advance the needs of Craig Hospital and those it serves. Guided by a dedicated and civic-minded board of directors, Craig Hospital Foundation offers members of the community a number of meaningful ways to support the hospital’s work helping people rebuild their lives.

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Ken's Story

My name is Kenneth, Ben's dad, and am pleased to congratulate you all in your fine efforts. My experience with Ben on the 26th was quite amazing.

Bogeys on Parade: My Hundred Hole Hike Experience

I know I'm not the best golfer in this group of 64. Nor am I the youngest or most fit. But there's one advantage I had over my fellow hikers (besides freakishly long, skinny legs): EXPERIENCE.

Shot Par 71, kind of

So, my day started out at four in the morning with the help of my dad getting me ready which is a 1.5 hour process. By 7:30 or so we teed off with me out-driving my dad and we were off.

Ballyneal Time Lapse

Here's the time-lapse video from the Ballyneal Hundred Hole Hike event on Monday June 25th, stationed behind the par 5 8th hole.

Hundred (and Eleven) Degree Hike

Should I pack a light-jacket? Leaving for Denver in 21 hours, and here is the latest Weather forecast for Monday:

A Father's Love

Happy Father's Day! Here's a reprint from my memorable Father's Day 2011

Ben Cox 155 Opening Tee Shot

Hundred Hole Hiker Brian Carruthers recently sent me this file that had been sitting on his phone for almost a year. It's the opening tee shot of the Ben Cox 155 last year at Ballyneal.

The HHHole-in-One Club

Hiker Jeff Tang made a hole-in-one today during HHH training at Orchard Valley Golf Course in Aurora, IL.