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The Cancer Research Institute is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that raises funds for cancer immunology research from individuals, corporations, and foundations. We provide direct support to cancer scientists through fellowships, grants, and awards. Our mission is to support and coordinate research that will yield an understanding of the immune system and its response to cancer, with the ultimate goal of developing immunological methods for the treatment, control, and prevention of the disease.

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Round 2 Fight! Recap

This is my 3rd year being involved in the Hundred Hole Hike and it gets better and better every year!

We Made It....and It Was a Blast

A little over a week out and my 100 Hole Hike has already taken on a surreal haze. I do know that we had a great time despite some trying stretches in the heat of the mid afternoon.


...should be a long and crazy day. We have set up the course for optimal walking but Stonewall is hillier than I remember. I will hopefully be tweeting a few times during the day (@outpostclub).

Just Over a Week Out

The past two weeks have been hardcore training weeks. An extended Outpost Club trip to England allowed me to play 16.5 rounds in 10 days.

Truly Inspiring

This past weekend I ventured out to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to visit my family but more importantly to cheer on my good friend who recently went through a severe cancer treatment as she ran a


Hello all fellow hikers from last year and any new hikers for this year! This was an extremely successful event last year, and I am very excited for what we can do with the event this year!


We are within two months of the big day and I have been dutifully training by playing as much golf as possible and taking my dog on long walks.

Why I Want to Hike

I want to hike for many reasons, but first and foremost is my desire to support the Cancer Research Institute.