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he Arthritis Foundation is the Champion of Yes. We lead the fight for the arthritis community through life-changing information and resources, access to optimal care, advancements in science and community connections. Our goal is to chart a winning course and make each day another stride towards a cure.

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117 holes in the books...a satisfying first-ever Hike!

As I sit here nearly a week post-Hike, I am still trying to gather my thoughts and fully comprehend what Eamon Kelly and I just accomplished.

Less Than One Week!

I can't believe I'll be standing on the first tee (pictured above) at Brookville Country Club next Monday. Where did the time go?

Two weeks and counting!

Training and preparation for my Hike continues, but I've had a bit of a set-back.

Three weeks to go!

Starting to get more real! I've been attempting to "step up my game" and get my body ready for this endurance event.

Preparing For My First-Ever Hundred Hole Hike (HHH)

Wow...where to start? Since the beginning of Hundred Hole Hikes back in 2012, I've always wanted to take part in one of these incredible events.

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