Why do 108 when you can do 144?

Well my HHH training is going about as expected with 3 kids and a busy job...it isn't. But why lament on how I am going to struggle through 108 holes while not training my legs how to carry me for 30+ miles? How can I turn this story of misery into a positive?

My good friend Norm Olsen comes along last week and says - we are now going for 144 holes! And since Norm is my ride home from the course on June 17th, I say, "Why not?!?! Let's do this for the kids!"

So now my goal is 8 rounds....WALKING....IN ONE DAY!! If I wasn't already going to be a hot stiff mess June 18th-June 30th before, it is almost guaranteed now. I am hoping that by the 4th of July I won't want to puke when I look at my golf bag.

What this means for you is I now need your support more than ever - moral, emotional, physical and financial so that we can send deserving low-income DMSF students to first class high schools to get well deserved educations!

Can you help? Go to PLEDGE now, and do what you can. Together, we will change lives. Thank you.

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