We did it!!! 100 Hole Hike 6/27/16

It was a tremendously memorable day Monday (6/27/16), as I participated in my first ever 100 Hole Hike with my friend Will Stephen at Woodmere GC in New York.

The day started early, with Will's first tee shot in the alternate shot format splitting the fairway at 5:28am (my first iron shot then landed in my first bunker at about 5:30am). We struggled early as we tried to find the right pace to ensure we could hit our goal of 100 holes in the day. Our first round took about 1:40 to play, and was an underwhelming score of 85.

Undeterred under the beautiful weather conditions, we played round two, clocking in a similar time and bringing our score down to 82. Warming up to the task, and settling into a rhythm, we barreled through our next 2 rounds, shooting 78 in each. Around this time, however, with 72 holes in the books, the bag was getting heavy and the steps a little slower. Fortunately, we'd booked a caddy for around 1:00, and Jimmy definitely was a welcome addition, as he hauled our bag the rest of the day and helped read putts.

With renewed energy, we played our 5th round, which featured 3 birdies but a few double bogeys, for a score of 80. At this point we were up to 90 holes played, and knew that even though it wasn't yet 4:00pm, we could play another 10 holes and meet our goal. Of course, those who know Will and me know that we wouldn't be satisfied meeting the bare minimum, so we plunged ahead through round 6, which we did in another 80 strokes. Our feet were pretty sore, our legs were getting tired, but we were still playing fairly well and having a great time.

Coming around for the turn, we knew we had a 7th round in us. Even though it was late in the day, we carded our lowest round of the day, a 77, and finally parred the infuriating 2nd hole, which was playing into a strong wind and had owned us all day, on our 7th try. It was then after 7:00 - but with some daylight left, we drove on and decided to play a final 9 holes of the day. At about 8:15pm, with it starting to get dark, Will and I finished our adventure on hole #9.

We ended up playing a whopping 135 holes in almost 15 hours, well beyond our wildest dreams heading into the event. Another group who played almost a similar amount of holes that day wore a monitor that showed they hiked over 40 miles. For our friendly competition against the other teams in the event, Will and I finished 2 strokes out of the lead, and took second in the Net division, which resulted in an extra donation to our charities.

All in all, it was an extremely fun and rewarding day. I'm very glad to have been able to do this in support of the Jeff Musser Foundation, and the many families that depend on the Foundation for much-needed help as their children fight cancer. Thanks to everyone who helped support us along the way!!!

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