The wash up....

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We made it, every last one of us.

It was a fantastic effort by all involved.

To recap.

The longest day in golf started off playing a couple of flying rounds with Brett, we hit off around 5.45 in what Brett classed as "light enough", I'm not so sure, I just swung at something and managed to hit it without embarrassing myself too much. Playing early does have its advantages, we witnessed a beautiful sunrise and got to play golf in some of the most amazing conditions I've ever experienced. Initially the golf was a little interesting, I'm not sure I was fully awake for the first hour or so.

I shot my best round on the second lap.

After the second lap I was feeling pretty good and I decided I'd keep on going while things were going well. Brett was on a slightly different game plan to myself and decided to stop for a stretch and a bite to eat. I had a plan to go 3 rounds, rest, 2 rounds, rest, final round, beer, thinking this would make the day mentally achievable. It was here that I picked up a new partner Steve who unfortunately for him was to be my partner for the rest of the day.

My form on the third lap left me as quickly as it came and the third round was a struggle. Steve on the other hand seemed to string a bit of a round together, he had 66 or 64 or some number in the low sixties that to those of us that hit 180m buttercup fades seems utterly ridiculous. It was a great round of 64, for mere mortals it's impressive to think about that number but even more impressive watching from up close. Throughout the rest of the day I tried my hardest to drag Steve down somewhere close to my level but he wouldn't be led astray. Amongst all the golf we managed a few laughs and a little banter, apparently 70 feet putts from off the green make me an easy target for ridicule.

It was great to do this event, I felt fantastic for the hundred holes, but hole 101 onwards was a nightmare. The large blisters I had discovered on my feet burst and with that my final round also popped. I soldiered on doing the "hundred hole tip-toe" keeping all the weight off those blisters. This seemed to provide no end of amusement for my playing partner, his caddy, my caddy and anyone else that happened to be in need of a laugh.

The best part of the day was seeing my wife and girls waiting next to the 18th watching on as yet another putt slipped over the edge of the hole, the girls seemed very keen to tell me all about the fun they'd been having throughout the day. Totally obliviously to daddy's sore feet, back etc. There is no way I could've done this without their support. Every time I left the house my 2 year old Millie asked "you of to goff Daddy? Thanks to all that helped me on the day, I loved it and can't wait till next year.

The numbers...

Best round -73
Worst round - 89
Total birdies - 12
Eagles - zip, zero, nada

Total score 491 (6 laps)

Now the important stuff.

Pay up ya cash!!!! Everyone who pledged money, thank you so much, knowing that the more I tried, the more money I would raise is what kept me going.



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