The TRUE linkswear Trophy

It's been like Christmas at One Divot headquarters this week. Yesterday, a big shipment of official Hundred Hole Hike shirts from Linksoul showed up at the doorstep. Tomorrow, I'm expecting HHH flags from Prestige Flags.

Today, I received a very heavy box from Texas. In it was one of the most unique, and soon-to-be most coveted, golf trophies on the planet. The TRUE linkswear trophy. Our friend David Edel (and his foot model son) created a mold of a TRUE tour in midstep. It was later bronzed and sent my way. The TRUE linkswear trophy goes to the host club with the most holes walked by members. Last year, it was won by five guys at The Kingsley Club. Hopefully, they will find a place to display it proudly this summer. After that, who knows where it will go. Four members are hiking at Ballyneal. There are also multiple members hiking at Urbana Country Club and Lawrence Country Club.

The hope is the trophy will foster friendly competition and more involvement with clubs and their members over the years. Who wouldn't want to display a bronzed shoe as a symbol of a club with a great walking culture?