Training/Prep Update

I am getting a late start at the HHH training/preparation but from here on its go time. The first few days of HHH preparation have been quite a success. I walked 54 holes, I purchased 2 pairs of Kentwool socks, a pedometer and various other necessities for the big day (thanks for your amazon list Howard!), I received my HHH limited edition TRUE PHXs in the mail (they are my new favorite shoes, shot out to Rob Rigg!) and convinced some friends to make the same purchase (50% of proceeds go to charity), I found a Daniel Murphy Scholar to be my forecaddy for the day of the hike and I just miraculously completed my first leg work out that doesnt involve running/golfing since college. Everyone's constant display of motivation through blog/forum posts, emails, tweets and pledges has rubbed off on me to say the least. Now I have to make up for lost time and raise more money. Good luck to all the other hikers and thanks to all those who have pledged. FULL STEAM AHEAD!

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