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I want to thank everyone who has offered their financial support to date, and I especially appreciate the messages that accompany the commitment. My protégé Jon 'aka the Butcher' Morris provided the following heartfelt message "You won’t make it" -- that brought tears to my eyes. I did get a generous response from many of my SrBud buddies, including John Davenport (the SR in 'SrBud', and one of my favorite marines) said " Ooh Rah, Scott!! Good cause. I trust you'll complete all 100 as you are my hero/or did I mean Heon." Jack Leonard, another SR Bud alum and great marine told me "Go Scott Go --Hope the batteries in your music box last as long as you will" --there is a theme from the SrBud, as
Stev Garbee from Royal Cup and SrBud said "Scott, You will need to figure out a way to get some tunes on the course! Maybe you can hire a Bose caddy!!? Good luck and great cause! Brant the Boz Bosley, who had me laughing so hard after his reaction on chipping out of a swamp over a wall and making the putt for par, commented "Good job He Hahn! Make sure you take the music...they won't know what hit em!"

Other inspiring messages, included practical suggestions along with the fantastic support. Chris Prontaut sent me this encouragement "Three words.....GOLD BOND POWDER. The chaffing factor could be tremendous! Those are my words of encouragement and wisdom." I will certainly heed those words! My dad, who provided my initial exposure to the game of golf and is the one who started me on a lifetime of appreciation for the game, offered these words of inspiration "Scott - Relax the hands and don't swing so damned hard. You'll last longer. Love and all that, Dad"

My River Creek posse also provided a lot of support, Ball Hallmark said "Good Luck and bring some Advil and band aids". Jim Fitter provide a really sweet carrot on the end of the stick "Plus a pint of Guinness for every 18 you finish!" I would think that at about 50 holes into it, when Steve Nolin, my partner in this endeavor, will be tuning out my whining, my thoughts might be turning towards cold refreshments waiting at the end of the trek, maybe by IV though.

more to follow...

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