After a very long day on Friday, I am delighted to say that I - along with the team were successful in the Hundred Hole Hike!

Teeing off at 6am we got 12 holes in before thunderstorms rolled in. Unfortunately, this meant that we were forced to take cover for 90 minutes inside. Having this 90 minute delay meant our already difficult challenge of completing all 100 holes significantly harder.

When the thunderstorms passed we returned to the corse, running between shots and holes to make up time. With the rain still pouring down the golf was tricky but fortunately not too warm. We were able to complete most of our rounds in just over 2 hours and put ourselves back in contention to finish by sunset.

By hole 70 we were all really feeling the effects of running for the past few hours - by hole 90 we were all shot. Every time we put our tees in the ground it was met with groans and noises usually associated with pensioners, this combined with moans of how painful feet were due to the soggy conditions.

All of that said, after 14 hours 15 minutes we were delighted to finish the challenge at 8.15pm (with a birdie on the last hole). Upon finishing we were greeted with big smiles from many of the disabled people helped by Karingal and supporting volunteers - a great finish to an awesome day.

A huge thanks to everyone who supported me and to the Karingal organisers.

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