Shot Par 71, kind of

So, my day started out at four in the morning with the help of my dad getting me ready which is a 1.5 hour process. By 7:30 or so we teed off with me out-driving my dad and we were off. Around 11 we were on hole 7, and i was over-heated due to the 100 degree temp , so we stopped for a ten minute break and my dad doused me with the water we had. We finished the hole with me barely missing a 15-foot putt. Midway thru hole 8 dad and I decided it was time to be done. After giving myself a 10 and an 8 on the finishing two holes i added up my score, a 71 (give or take 10 mulligans). So i shot 71, but only on the front 9. I would like to thank everyone at Ballyneal,but most of all I would like to thank Jim Colton for starting this whole marathon. Next year I WILL finish nine holes with God's help.

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Ben - Congratulations! Awesome job. You remain an inspiration to all of the hikers.