The rear view mirror

How boring it is to use the cliché, "it seems like only yesterday." But we all fall prey to it at some point. Heck, even my daughter has done it while dancing the night away at age 8: "I feel like I'm 6 again! ". Too cute.

But 21 years ago, I was competing in the RE/MAX World Long Drive Finals in Vegas, and it really seems as if that wasn't that long ago at all. I did some training with defending champion Sean "The Beast" Fister leading up to the event, and even had him making the wise cracks that everyone else was competing for 2nd place. LOTS of training. Lots of swings with a huge torque on my back. I remember a few nights of lower back soreness, but no big deal at age Invincible, right?

Funny how things turn out...

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